Football player in mafia’s claws

Many times before we watched dramatic, tension-filled football matches that raise the adrenaline level not only of players, but of spectators as well. And when a referee blows the final whistle, some of the players experience major
life dramas barely or not known at all. One of those players is Ivan Vukomanović. A difficult childhood bode eternal poverty. The escape from that cruel life was a football. At the age of 17, he signed for Red Star Belgrade, which had become European and world champion some years earlier.
And as he was about to leave for the Serbian capital, strangers knocked on his door. They were representatives of the football club “Obilic”, once a low class team, owned at that time by Željko Ražnatović Arkan, one of the biggest Serbian criminals and commander of paramilitary units during the war in Croatia. He was sold to French Bordeaux, the transfer was enormous. He was changing clubs and in 2014 he ended up in Russian Alania Vladikavkaz. But he did not play a single match. That was mafia club as well. They took his passport, he couldn’t move anywhere. He didn’t get the money. How he escaped and survived was a true movie story. But it seemed that criminals were his destiny. Six years after, upon the expiration of his contract with Lokeren and Antwerp, he headed to China. The most dramatic adventure in his carrier.