Forgotten Mountain

The world is still chasing the same myths. Each succeeding epic book or fantasy movie brings creatures and contents similar to the previous ones. We have been listening attentively to other people’s legends and accepting them as our own, enjoying fairy-tale like novels of distant lands, forgetting, while doing so, our own.
This is a story that will not manage to illustrate the brilliance of the race that was proudly entered in all the myths of hither civilisations and still remains forever inscrutable.
One silent July, Forgotten Mountain – mythical creatures of the ancient Balkans, has started to loudly sing a Valgora song about the return of Starpanjas, Kletniks, Whisperers, Jaudas, Zagrivuks, Gilzvits, Uzsrdas, Svarogs… A song of demigods, small and large demons, small spirits and bright minds. From that day on, magic and vedas of our ancestors are weaving a new sort of imagination.