Four Europes is a code name for four men who left Belgrade in 1991. Their fellow agents, who were not accepted by foreign intelligence, have joined the other side of the law and became the most bloodthirsty killers and masters of all criminal activities from Asia to the South of Europe.
* * *
Right after World War II, Yugoslavia founded something that was initially called Department for the Protection of People (OZNA in Serbian). Ironically, the goals of this organization were the safety aspects of its political apparatus,
the security of the people was never the priority. Very soon OZNA was renamed into UDBA. With the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, the institutional base for the above mentioned service fell apart.
* * *
However, the counterintelligence potential had remained intact. The agents were trained to survive everything. A few operatives and analysts from SDB had known, years before, what was about to happen to the country, that the breakup was inevitable. Some of them have decided to offer their knowledge and experience to other countries.