Lazar Risar: Serbian Forrest Gump

He was just seventeen when he appeared in old shoes and ripped jeans alongside men wearing elegant sportswear, running towards the finish line of the Sombor half-marathon. Without any training, without a trainer, often without a meal, he managed to master a difficult discipline.
Lazar grew up in a poor family with a dozen of children. Nobody was taking care of him. He went to the school for children with special needs…
And then the entire country heard of him. The Sombor race changed his life. People began to help him, charity actions were organized. Lazar was continuously running. Thirty kilometers per day. He never missed a race. He was finally happy. And then his world fell apart. He was accused of rape. Sent to prison. He lost his job. He lost his freedom. The possibility to do what he loved the most- to run!
After some time he was released. The accusation was proven false. He came back to the old suburban house. While he was in prison, everything was stolen. He found himself at the beginning again. He put his old shoes, his ripped jeans on… And he started to run again.